Roselin OOAK tiny bjd doll by Ppinkydolls


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Roselin ,tiny bjd dolls with handpaint face,New Premium Limitted edition  OOAK,hand painted face,bjd doll, resin 6” height, with soft mohair wigs, by Ppinkydolls. You can replace wigs or add ob11cm size outfits.

They are  OOAK dolls 6”,hight quality resin handmade full ball jointed doll,handpainted face with gouache colors by me ,Chrishanthi-Ppinkydolls.


-Body size like obitsu11cm body ,6′ bjd resin doll

-Blythe size shoes

-Wig size 6′

They will travel in a Ppinky pillow case and hardcover box’

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