Popola full set, with bjd flexible body,cotton dress,pant and snicker shoes.


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Popola New edition doll with New flexible body(soft pvc body) full ball joints and opening magnet head(resin) with  holes for eyes.You can customized her ,changing eyes,wigs or outfits.This is my New Popola Edition

*Full set Popola with red radish soft hair,full set outfits with handmade cotton dress and pant,snicker yellow shoes.She has realistic glass eyes and eyelashes.Faceup handpainted by me Chrishanthi-

Popola is 28cm doll,Blythe size  outfits and Blythe size shoes.Eyes 10mm and 8-9′ wigs size..

She is a pre order doll,need about 80 days for delivery.