Baby Pin’ BJD’ doll , Full set,collectible resin OOAK, ball joint doll ”two options




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Baby Pin”collectible doll, is one of a kind custom doll Full set (OOAK) with a new body!!!
She is a counterpart doll,full ball jointed doll,she can customize with the most common customizations including wig changes,eyes ,face-up .Baby Pin” has resin head and body handmade with high class resin.
Baby Pin’ is made full ball jointed body,so she can stand easily and allowing for various poses!Face up handpainted by me Chrishanthi.She will come to you with full set outfits or nude (no outfits )option, in her vintage handcrafted box.
*Full set option:
-A bjd Doll, Height:7,8″inch
-Head-Wig:6-7′,soft   mohair wig red or pink.
-Eyes :12mm Dark blue  with eyelashes.
-Face-up with freckles or not.(send message)
-Outfits(pukifee size):
Cotton  ,handwash dress,antique style finishing ,with pink shoes(or other available color)  shoes and socks.
She will travel in her Ppinky vintage  box’with a Ppinkydolls certificate of authenticity.

Shaulder to feet height: 13cm
Eye size : 10mm
Wig size : 6′-7′
Neck  circumference : 4cm
Chest circumference: 18cm
Waist circumference: 8cm
Shoulder width : 4cm
Hip sircumference : 12cm
Arm length : 5cm
Leg length : 8cm
Feet length : 3cm



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